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All Religions are death cults!

December 16, 2012

Religion is totally pre-occupied with death (also sex, but that is another story).

Religion teaches people to put up with deprivation in this life with the promise of reward in a future life, after death. Governments of course, will happily follow along with this to pay poor wages, ignore homeless etc. to encourage greed with leaders of industry, knowing the religious will obey preachers/Imams/Rabbi’s, rather than rock the boat. This sadly also applies to Soldiers who are more happy to die for their country, because of promise of reward of an afterlife for heroes? Strange how both sides are confident that God is on their side!

All Religions hate anyone different, whether another religion, or denomination within the same religion, or no religion and will even kill them, as is happening with Gays in Africa, or with the non-religious in lots of countries. This includes people who leave religion Apostates. Each ‘Holy’ book wants those who leave religion killed (probably because they are dangerous, knowing all the weaknesses of that religion’s theology/dogma)!

Religion promises different places in the afterlife dependant on certain conditions. Heaven for goodies. Hell for baddies (someone different). Places that no one can see or prove let alone guarantee. Also are there different heavens for different faiths / denominations?

Religion’s focus on death keeps believers in fear. Whether they are good enough (complicit) for heaven, or disobedient and qualify for Hell. If people realised this is the only life, then they might do more positive things, hate less, kill less etc.

Don’t waste your life on Religion, live for now. Get a better education to better serve humanity to improve the lot of everyone, not waste on being subservient to an invisible friend who is not necessary for you to help others.



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